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Our History

For more than 50 years, Martel Cantin has been at the heart of Quebec law thanks to its recognized litigators and respected lawyers in the fields of business law, taxation and estate planning.


Maurice Martel, former legal advisor to the Attorney General dealing with companies, in collaboration with the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, publishes the first Quebec Corporation Manual in English.

First formulaire in French


Maurice Martel publishes the first Formulaire des Compagnies in French.

The Founding


The firm of Pinard, Pigeon, Pagé & Cantin joins the Brassard Martel firm. This is how the Martel, Cantin firm was born, a partnership that combines the recognized litigators of the Cantin family with the expertise in corporate law and estate planning of the Martel family.


Maurice and Paul Martel publish the first version of the book Les aspects juridiques de la compagnie au Québec.

Creation of the APFF


Maurice and Luc Martel are among the founding members of the Association québécoise de planification successorale, now the Association de planification fiscale et financière (APFF).



Since 1976, several lawyers have joined the team, transforming Martel Cantin into a dynamic and modern firm that surpasses the imprint left by two families and allows Martel Cantin to remain a leader in business law, tax and estate planning and commercial litigation.


Martel Cantin is a legal office founded more than 50 years ago based on the values of professionalism, integrity and conviviality. Here, you will find lawyers who listen to your needs and who are committed to providing you with high value-added legal services.

Our lawyers make it their duty to be at the forefront of the legal profession and provide you with all their know-how, regardless of the mandate entrusted to them.

At Martel Cantin, you will also find reliable business advisors who will support you in your decisions and who will work relentlessly and with great care to hep you achieve your objectives.